The Medicine Girl

Before she is sold off by her father, the Medicine Girl must escape the Florida Penal Colony. But where? 

Environmental degradation has rendered the few former states uninhabitable while other regions have declared themselves sovereign nations. While MilitiaMen wage war against each other, she knows choosing the wrong faction means the difference between a hard life and a painful death.

The Medicine Girl must use her wits and vast knowledge of natural remedies to barter her way through a wasteland. But her mother’s directive to “alleviate suffering” in a place with endless hardships makes her question all that she’s ever known.

The Medicine Girl is now available on Amazon, Apple Books, Barns & Noble, and Kobo

Jax & Jillian – Five Short Stories

With a friendship fortified by red wine and show tunes, Jax and Jillian have each others’ backs through the good and not-so-good times. Join them on their adventures, from attending self-empowerment conferences to substituting middle school to meeting Jillian’s awful mother.

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It can be purchased on from Amazon.

2021 Indie Authors Short Story Anthology

Three of Deidra’s short stories appear in this anthology, which can be purchased on Amazon.

  1. “Marshmallow Wrapped in Barbed Wire”
  2. “Your Poor Rick”
  3. “The Play’s the Thing”

Clues and Culprits: An Anthology

Three of Deidra’s short stories appear in this anthology, which can be purchased on Amazon.

  1. “A Fellow of Infinite Jest”
  2. “The End of Days”
  3. “Behind the Wainscoting”

One Night Stand

Deidra’s short story “Lost Innocence” appears in this anthology.

Funicular Magazine

Deidra’s short story “[Ok]” appears in Funicular – Issue 09.


Stonecrop Magazine  

Deidra’s short story “Your Poor Rick” is featured in the Spring 2022 edition.

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Deidra’s short story “Goddess of Chaos” appears in the September 2022 issue.

Deidra gives an interview to the “Journal of the Blue Ridge Writers – Fall 2022” edition.

Three of Deidra’s short stories are published in the “Journal of the Blue Ridge Writers – Winter 2022” edition.


Honestly is featured in Quibble.Lit’s January 2023 -Issue 8, Double. Middle. Dribble.

Prompted Literary Magazine 02

“What You Can Do With Your Book” is published in Reedsy’s Prompted Issue #02, July 2023.

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 Virginia Writers Project

“The Auctioneer” and “How to Kill and Butcher a Deer” are published in the inaugural edition Spring 2003.