The Medicine Woman

The second book of The Medicine Girl Saga is now available where all good books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

The Medicine Girl

The Medicine Girl, Deidra Whitt Lovegren’s debut novel, is available where all good books are sold, including Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo 

21 Conversations

A collection of 21 dialogue-only short stories is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Most Recent Stories

  • Some of Them Kept Records of Their Troubles
    As the last two customers finished their enchiladas, Joslynn began to close for the night. She preferred being at work—or even school—ever since her mother’s boyfriend had moved in. He liked drugs and so did her mother, but his leering…
  • That Creepeth Upon the Earth
    “We’re getting slammed,” Frank grumbled to Tony. He tapped the call bell twice. “C’mon Jennifer—pick up orders for tables 11, 5, and 25. You gotta hustle during the lunchtime rush…” Jennifer wheeled around and flipped the cook the double bird.…
  • Gold & Black Balloons
    Of course, Missy was making a scene at the reception’s welcome table. Thirty-five years had not blunted Missy’s expectations that she should be greeted by anything but a bevy of uncaged doves and a fanfare of trumpets. She seemed disappointed…

Most Popular Stories

  • What You Can Do With Your Book
    You present me with a gift bag as if legions of angels will descend, trumpeting your thoughtfulness in remembering my [insert celebratory event here]. I’m gracious, of course. You shouldn’t have! And I mean that. You shouldn’t have. Because now you are stepping over the line. We are simply: co-workers mothers with children at the…
  • Your Poor Rick
    🏆 ❤️ “We saw your poor Rick,” they say in the grocery store aisle. I smile, unconvincingly, and compare jars of spaghetti sauce that I don’t even want. “We heard about your poor Rick,” they say, half turned on the pew in front of me at church. I sit alone and nod at their thoughtful…
  • The Play’s the Thing
    🏆 🏆 ❤️ It is ungodly hot and Hamlet should shut up. “You cannot call it love, for at your age the heyday in the blood is tame, it’s humble, and waits upon the judgment,” over-enunciates one of the actors while wildly gesticulating with a plastic human skull. The skull does not normally appear until…
de Feure, Georges. Window. 1901/1902, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia.