Deidra has also written over one hundred short stories and regularly competes in international writing contests.

Deidra’s novel The Medicine Girl debuted in July 2022. The sequel, The Medicine Woman, was released in August 2023. The final installment, The Medicine Crone, will be released in Winter 2024. Her shorter works include 21 Conversations, a collection of dialogue-only stories and The Lady of the Match, a short story collection translated into Arabic that debuted at the Cairo International Book Fair in 2024. 

Over her long teaching career, Deidra has taught scores of English classes from preschool to college. Currently, she is the humanities instructor at a private high school in Central Virginia. 

Deidra co-hosts “Read Lots Write Lots,” an Australian podcast featuring writers worldwide. In addition, she is a contest judge for the London-based Reedsy Prompts.

Along with the Blue Marble Storytellers’ team, she organizes writers’ conferences in the United States and Europe. She is an engaging conference speaker who loves to share her knowledge about the writer’s craft.

She currently lives in Virginia with her husband of 30 years, three sons, and her rescue cats, General Sherman and Cinna. 


Contact Deidra at: lovegren.deidra@gmail.com

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